VPI Radio Frequency Design

wireless and RF design services

Custom RF Design Services

VPI offers customized Radio Frequency (RF) design services for clients in commercial, industrial, government, and military applications. VPI has enabled many products with wireless communication capabilities by designing new, custom radios/modems into product designs and integrating off-the-shelf modules with existing products.


Wireless/RF customization and design services offered by VPI include but are not limited to:

  • Custom RF transmitter/receiver designs
  • Design and implementation of proprietary communication protocols
  • Optimization of RF designs for challenging RF environments
  • Standard, commercial protocol designs including:
    • Wireless Systems
    • ZigBee®
    • Bluetooth®
    • WiFi (802.11 b,g,n,ac)
    • Radio Devices with Non-Standard Frequencies
    • Military RF Applications
    • GPS
    • RFID
    • Custom Integration of Wireless Radio Modules
    • RF Amplifier Design
    • Wireless Command and Control Systems
    • Narrow Band
    • Wide Band
    • Low Noise Design and Filtering

RF Design Experience


VPI has enabled many products with wireless (RF) communication capabilities. The above products enable remote control functions (top) and wireless data transfer to a PC (bottom).

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